We sense their strangeness yet accept it as a part of their stellar significance; their qualities become equal to ours, their bodies a part of our planetary ecology.  The cosmic abyss  introduces  strangers striking us  with their pale luminosity,  and allure us  into their presence as though  carried  by lunar tides. An epithet: alien. Supraliminal emergence from the reaches of infernal space brings us to assume their fantastic form as inexplicably Enlightened; they are unknown substances, products of the  intangible  (of the mind).  Like the lunar surface itself,  they descend surrounded by cosmic haze, enveloped in an Aerial mist.  As though happening by the  light of the moon, we find ourselves surrounded by reflected light; unaware, we attempt to approach.  The alien mist envelops us, the collective is lost in a diffused substance.GeKTU4WGzC81FC0T5uK6cbF6uj6TzomZX-XIN_ojxwg QIkxuyy-dleZyce5-zRwXY9TW9Gi8M25nWQZWX2VjRU



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