The Feminist Collective carves a defined space for inclusive, critical, and empowering thoughts and actions surrounding issues of discrimination and gender inequalities. This exists in the form of discussion, exhibition, lectures, and other community events open to all.

The collective is a group committed to paying homage and contributing to the history and future of the Women’s File, an archive of over three decades of what is known now as the NSCAD Feminist Collective. We are informed by our sisters and allies of the past, but it does not dictate how we function through our contemporary context.

As feminist artists, our heritage informs the work that we make, however, our work is free of gendered categorization. We are committed to supporting each other’s feminist art practices and engaging with discourses of current issues that affect all individuals regardless of experience and identity.

The collective endeavors to work within an anti-oppression and social justice framework that uses informal consensus-based decision-making in our organizing. We want to identify and challenge gender binaries and misogyny within NSCAD and surrounding communities of the workplace and art world.

We are committed to discourse on intersectional oppressive systems and issues at NSCAD and beyond.

Here, we are claiming space within CRIT for progressive and critical reviews, articles, essays, rants, creative writing and text-based art.

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